About DaniMae

This is Me...Nicole Lee


Hello and Welcome!!

DaniMae boutique is more than a dream come true, it is a runway destiny. Growing up there was always a need to find the perfect pumps to match my outfit and to find that one piece that made you stand out from the rest.

DaniMae the name in itself carries a whole lot of meaning. The first portion of the name "Dani" is based off of my middle name Danielle. The second part "Mae" is my grandmother's middle name. Mush them together and they make an ideal pair (like just the right jeans with that comfy T). Blaming my grandma for my love for fashion would be an understatement. She had all these wonderful pieces, and the love for shopping. The joy that I watched it bring her....intrigued me. When she slowly began giving her pieces away/selling them, I swept on in and "stole" them, come on these are gold.

To still get compliments to this day on her items means she knew what she was doing. This love was passed down generation by generation. Here we are today. The love for waking up in the morning and seeing what can be put together, nothing beats that feeling. Making others have the belief that they can do the same, walking out the door with their heads held high. Confidence is fashions' best accessory.

Women all deserve to feel the best that they can each and every day, and if I can help be a part of that, then I can rest happy.

Thank you for letting me release on you. Here is to high heels, heads, and goals.

XOXO Nicole